Half Size Brown Empty Channel Browbands For Beading

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Here's a fun idea! Design your own browband with these blank ones! Easy to do! Lots of great websites sell fabulous beadsgemstonespearls, and Swarovski crystals of any color, choose your favorites and simply string them together and sew each end of the string down on either side of the channel, add glue or extra stitches for extra stability if needed. There are lots of ways to do it.


Check out our instructional videos on YouTube!

For a dog collar beading demonstration, click on this link:


For a step-by-step video tutorial on beading browbands, click on this link:

International customers: I will only charge you what I pay for shipping, I can fit 3-4 browbands (depending on size) in one small flat rate box which usually costs between $11 and $14, depending on your country.

A great craft project for your Pony Club, fundraising, make great awards for horse shows, or design and sell for extra money! These browbands are made with the same high quality leather and soft padding as my other browbands- check my ebay feedback for reviews on these!