About Us

    As a lifelong horse lover, I was always excited to find the latest equestrian catalog in my mailbox. I spent many hours flipping through the pages and admiring the colorful photos of beautiful, perfectly groomed horses. I have always loved tack, the design, the feel, and the ever changing styles. It has always been my dream to one day create my own line of equestrian equipment. 

    When I was in my late teens I worked at my local tack shop, Clayton Saddlery. While there, I learned the finer points of the tack business and became familiar with many of the brands on the market. Each brand had its strong points and weak points and I continued to imagine how I would put the best aspects of each piece into one great product. 

    Like most animal lovers, of course I wanted to become a veterinarian too! While attending veterinary school at UC Davis, things started to come together and I was able to collaborate with fantastic craftspeople to help me design the bridles, browbands and girths I had dreamed of! I literally started with only $600. Then, I began selling my tack on ebay which earned enough for me to create

   I know horse ownership is expensive, so it is very important for me to keep my tack affordable and high quality. These pieces are built to last, and I will always stand by my products. My goal is to create a brand known for its quality, style and affordability.

   As an active dressage competitor I use my own tack on a daily basis, and as a full time veterinarian, I don't always have time to clean it and properly care for it, but it still manages to hold up amazingly well despite my abuse!

         Please let me know what you think of my products, and any comments or suggestions you have!

          Thank you!

                Crystal Heath